Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Professional athletes are overpaid and selfish

I liked this reading and I do agree with its claim that athletes are overpaid and selfish. The author Matt Lefebure makes a very one sided argument he doesn’t talk about the history of baseball and all the good players there were. That the athletes didn’t just play for the money they played for the game of baseball.   I do agree that athletes today are getting over paid like Alex Rodriguez who gets 22 million a year just to play a game. That money could go to building a park and not to a selfish athlete. This is an old posting so I’m sure there are higher paid athletes then A Rod now.  I think NFL players are the most selfish Ty Law complained about getting underpaid when you make 7 million a year. According to the author Matt Lefebure Law could buy a small island in the Pacific Ocean.  I do think baseball players and NBA players should be looked upon as role models to the kids. It allows the kid to dream about him becoming a famous NBA star; everyone needs dreams in their lives. In the end, I liked this reading made me think about what we could do with all this money that comes in for sports teams.  

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