Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reading 14

The author starts out talking about china and how someone hit someone and drove away. Well china has a law that if you injury someone but they are still alive you have to pay them a large percentage of your pay check. People did not help her because they didn’t want to be responsible. I know this because my dad lives in china and told me he saw this happen there. I didn’t really like this reading just didn’t interest me. The author wants people to be better that’s all I really got from it. The author Peter Singer went in depth on the subject of morality by including a few experiment’s to see if it’s the person or are we designed to. I feel our brains chemistry is set by nature and not set by medical intervention. In the end, this reading was boring after reading it I did not gain anything.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giants think Brady's parade 'story' is ridiculous

I don’t watch much football to begin with but what Tom said was just taken out of context. The media just needed a story to run so the made one up. What I find funny is when the media asked other Giants players they said that making a big deal out of this is worse than what tom actually said. All he said was he was going to have an even bigger party in three weeks meaning he would win the super bowl, but he didn’t so that makes this story even funnier. I can understand why New York made a big deal about these comments they had nothing else to talk about so why not run a BS story. I do not think it was trash talk more motivating his fans and teammates I am sure the Giants did the same thing.  In the end, I did not like this reading because it was about something that if I never heard about that would have been just fine by me. This story is just another example of the media overanalyzing stories. What I find funny is he lost the super bowl and after no one was talking about what he said before the game. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gay Marriage

The author knew for sure that gay marriage should be legal and that it’s just political. In my opinion I feel that gay marriage should not be such an issue what is the difference between gay marriage and a normal female male relationship. I don’t understand why people are against gay marriage what is the differences. Gay marriage is just a religious issue in my opinion.  They just want to be normal and have all the lectures that people who are married have. For example if your partner was in the hospital and you were married you could go see them but if you are not most hospitals won’t allow you. The author brings up polygamy which in my opinion is a terrible thing. Incest can result in odd DNA mutations. This means the new born will be coming out with server birth defects. In the end I didn’t really like this reading because I do not like writing about very controversial subject. Im for gay marriage because what is the difference between that and a traditional marriage. Homosexuals just want to be treated equally. They should legalize in all  states but I know that will never happen because of the religious beliefs towards  this subject. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Age Gap

I agree with the author I don’t think age gap relationships are a problem. If they want to be together let them and leave them alone. There are some age gap relationships that just don’t think  is right, it’s when a 25 year old women is married to a 65+  the women are just clearly after the husbands money. My parents were 17 years apart and I never thought anything different till I went to school and told other people some people were shocked while other’s accepted it. So I agree with the author people can either agree with them or totally disagree with them.  This is a topic that you could expand a lot on. I do not agree with large age gap relationships I know I wouldn’t want to date someone 30 years older than me, but If I was 60 I probably wouldn’t think anything is wrong. This subject is very controversial and should be talked about, but they will never go away age gap relationships are here to stay. In the end, I liked this reading it gave me a better understanding of age gap relationships and some of the problems and the some of the solutions.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Against Headphones

This reading really opened my eyes to the dangers of headphones. I know I personally have hearing loss but I am not sure how it happened. I find it kind of interesting that the headphones were made just for listening to a Mormon sermon. It was made by Nathaniel Baldwin who used them to drown out the sound of a crowed. The ear buds were also used by artillery men to muffle the sound of the gun shots. That’s the main reason why I would use headphones is to drown out the outside sounds that interfere with your music. After reading this article I will defiantly not keep the headphones as loud as I normally does I don’t want more hearing loss then I already have. In the end, I liked this reading it gave me information that I would not thought to be true.  I am going to use headphones less and just let it play out loud it better than being blasted into your ears. I feel the author is using a claim of value because she is telling to do something in a different way. The author gives good evidence for the claim like studies related to headphones and the history of how they started.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Professional athletes are overpaid and selfish

I liked this reading and I do agree with its claim that athletes are overpaid and selfish. The author Matt Lefebure makes a very one sided argument he doesn’t talk about the history of baseball and all the good players there were. That the athletes didn’t just play for the money they played for the game of baseball.   I do agree that athletes today are getting over paid like Alex Rodriguez who gets 22 million a year just to play a game. That money could go to building a park and not to a selfish athlete. This is an old posting so I’m sure there are higher paid athletes then A Rod now.  I think NFL players are the most selfish Ty Law complained about getting underpaid when you make 7 million a year. According to the author Matt Lefebure Law could buy a small island in the Pacific Ocean.  I do think baseball players and NBA players should be looked upon as role models to the kids. It allows the kid to dream about him becoming a famous NBA star; everyone needs dreams in their lives. In the end, I liked this reading made me think about what we could do with all this money that comes in for sports teams.  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What is Sopa

­I liked this reading a lot it argument and had a great claim. The claim is Sopa danger to society and should not be passed and stopped at all cost. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a bill that would give power to big business owners that could shut off a web site and just claim it was infringing on their copyrights. This would create an internet black list which means no one can go to that site anymore it doesn’t exist.  There is one flaw with this reading it only gives one side it does not go in depth on some of the good of the bill like it would mainly target foreign companies and leave Americans alone. Personally I think they would abuse this power and just go after everyone. I always hear bad about this bill I never see any good things that could come from this bill. In the end, I would agree with this author that SOPA is a terrible thing and should never be passed. Sad to say Harry Reid drafted another version of this bill under the name cybersecurity. I think it Is just another name for SOPA . Congress wants something like this to pass and is going to do anything they can to pass a bill.